Derivatives Litigation Services assists legal teams with litigation when derivative contracts play a role in disputed transactions. Our involvement facilitates a better understanding and better communication relating to the workings of derivatives – whether stand-alone or embedded in transactions of concern. Our principal, Ira Kawaller, has decades of experience as a practitioner, advisor, educator, and expert witness – all with a focus on derivative instruments.

Concentration areas relating to interest rates, commodities, and currencies:                                              


  • Futures and Forwards Contracts

  • Swap Contracts

  • Option Contracts

  • Derivative Trading Strategies

  • Hedging and Risk Management with Derivatives

  • Accounting for Derivatives under FAS 133 and ASC 815                                      

General Derivatives Expert Witness, Derivatives Litigation Expert, Futures Expert Witness, Options Expert                 Witness, Swaps Expert Witness, Hedging Expert Witness, Hedge Accounting Expert Witness